The capital city of the U.S. is full of words – here are some of them

Category: Buildings

  • Post


    The old Washington Post building on 15th Street.  The building was torn down in early 2016 and the Post moved to a different location.

  • Export


    Export-Import Bank, 15th Street

  • Treasury


    U.S. Treasury Department on 15th Street.

  • King


    On the front of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library.  The library was created in 1972, and was the last project of Mies van der Rohe. The building closed in 2017 for a complete three-year renovation.  This sign on the exterior of the building is before the closure in 2017.

  • People


    On the plaza in front of the Carnegie Library, a Beaux Arts building designed in 1903 as one of the public libraries funded by Andrew Carnegie. The full phrase is “A University for the People”.

  • Self Help

    Self Help

    Sign above the door of the Barr Building. The Barr Building, built in 1927, was the first high-rise building near Farragut Square.  The sign is in a semi-circle, with one part of the sign reading “Self” and the other “Help”.